23 January 2022 – We’re BAAAACK!

Despite the high number of new cases in Nuremberg, we’ve decided to return to in-person worship with Eucharist this Sunday (23 January 2022) as the omicron variant is dominant in this region and relatively mild, particularly for vaccinated persons.

As we did before the pandemic, we will meet in the main part of the Jakobskirche at 16:00.

Unlike before the pandemic, we will all be wearing FFP2 masks (elementary school-aged children may wear medical masks) the entire service and only Fr. Scott will be singing. Please sit only with your own household, making full use of the Jakobskirche’s grand nave. Eucharist will be distributed, but only the bread – please keep your mask on while waiting.

Please watch this space and/or our Facebook page in case there is a last-minute cancellation.

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